21 Photos to Inspire you to Travel Laos

Laos is a gorgeous country and one quickly rising in popularity on the Southeast Asian backpacking trail. It is easy to see why, as there is no shortage of simply stunning scenery and nature, as well as being vibrantly rich in culture and history.

Did you know Laos is the most bombed country in the world? Quite an interesting fact I thought. On a more positive note, they are also well-known for their adventurous outdoor activities, French colonial architecture, mountainous terrain, hill tribe settlements, Buddhist monasteries, being the highest consumers of sticky rice in the world and having a nation-wide midnight curfew.

Visiting Laos for the first time recently was during my fifth trip to Southeast Asia and I'm so glad I finally went. I only got to spend 10 nights there and I know I'll be back (but preferably not during the rainy season again!).

Below is a collection of 21 of my favourite photos and highlights from Laos, from Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang. Hopefully, if you haven't been before they can inspire you to visit Laos on your next Southeast Asian trip.

That Luang Tai Temple
Tuktuk in front of the Mekong
Kuang Si Waterfall

Luang Prabang National Museum
Nam Khan River
Wat Xiengthong
Riverside Resort views in Vang Vieng
River tubing down the Nam Song River!
Wat Xiengthong
Beerlao is the delicious award-winning national beer 
Pha That Luang, the symbol of Vientiane
Bridge over the Nam Song River
Monk monastery at That Luang Tai
Sunset along the Mekong River
Patuxai 'Victory Gate'
Where the Mekong and Nam Khan rivers meet
That Luang Tai Temple
Splashing about in Nam Song
Vientiane, capital of Laos
Painting-like sunset, Vang Vieng

Photographs were shot on Sony RX 100 iv, Samsung Galaxy S7 and GoPro Hero4.

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12 Female Wanderlust Inspiring Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform. It is creative, artistic and your very own portfolio to showcase whatever you please in your own way.

I am super picky about the big travel accounts out there I choose to follow, of which there are so many. I like to feel inspired and motivated when I scroll through Instagram (which, let's be honest, is pretty often).

Here are twelve of my favourite female Instagram accounts, including single particular people and big communities of female travellers. They all ooze inspiration, positivity and spark that burning wanderlust desire.

A post shared by LISA HOMSY (@lisahomsy) on

I have the biggest girl crush on this Canadian! She is so down to earth and relatable and her Instagram is absolute goals. Her stories are addictive to watch and she is one hell of a babe. I have been following her since she was at 20k and watched her grow rapidly in just 6 months!

This is a big wanderlust-inspo community for female travellers worldwide. If you have an awesome enough photo and use the hashtag #sheisnotlost you might just be lucky enough to be reposted!

Aggie is another of my favourite ladies (who I discovered through Lisa Homsy).
From Poland, she is beautiful, sweet and inspiring and is currently celebrating her 30th birthday with all her travel buddies in Greece right now! Her stories and feed are to die for.

A post shared by Backpacker (@backpackerstory) on

A fun community that showcases all the incredible places this world has to offer to get inspired for your next trip!

This Australian is incredible and one of the original travel Instagrammers. At one million followers, her photography is magical and oozes wanderlust to all.

A warm travel blog community 'inspiring and empowering women to travel more, do more and be more'.

This young Australian is the girl next door with incredible photography skills. She's currently living in New Zealand and I'm just loving her feed!

A community group for all of the travelling career girls out there. Their feed is full of inspiring and motivational captions as well as amazing photos.

A post shared by Raya ☀️ (@rayawashere) on

This lovely lady from Bulgaria is a literal ray of sunshine with the kindest spirit.
Partner of the legendary travel vlogger Fun For Louis, she has her own amazing YouTube channel as well now. She is a joy to follow on all platforms.

A post shared by Nadine Sykora (@heynadine) on

I've been following Canadian Nadine's awesome travel blog and Youtube channel for years and love her style and personality. Her Instagram is jam-packed with the best destinations!

Another large and wonderful community that I love to follow, with a message to 'inspire, connect and educate female travellers'.

Last but not least is the sweet Australian Brooke, another of the very first travel bloggers that inspired so many to start their own blog. She is someone I highly look up to and her feed is, of course, absolute goals.

There you have my twelve favourite and most inspiring female travel Instagram accounts. Follow along if you like for multiple daily doses of wanderlust and creativity.

Oh and me!
If you feel so inclined, follow along on my Instagram journey too.

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I love photography and sharing my travels. I can only hope one day that my feed will be half as good as any of theirs! They are all definitely something to aspire to.

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Do you know any other inspiring accounts to follow? Comment below, I'd love to read them.

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Is it Safe to Travel Alone as a Female? (Tips to Travel Smart)

This is a question I get asked quite often and it is also something I wondered myself when I first started travelling alone.
Everybody's experiences are of course different but for me personally... my answer is


I have never had a single problem in all of my solo travels including cities that are known to be notorious for pickpockets and crime such as Athens, Barcelona, Jakarta, Phnom Penh etc. However, I did witness incidences, so they certainly are places to be alert in for a reason, as you should be for wherever you travel.

Have I just been lucky then? I have never had any items lost or stolen, or had anybody try to bother me while travelling.

I thought recently, surely after four months travelling mostly solo around Southeast Asia, something bad was bound to happen. But, nope. I have never even missed a flight or had my bags misplaced. (Thank goodness!).

Again, it could be due to being in the right place at the right time and it could also be due to the fact that I would say I'm a smart traveller.

I'm not ever worried about travelling alone, but I am always aware of my surroundings and never let my guard down.

Through experience and common sense, I've learned easy ways to help stay safer, not get my stuff stolen and therefore just have a bloody good time and not have to worry about dealing with those consequences.

That doesn't mean I've never had anything bad at all happen to me while travelling.
Oh yes, nobody is perfect! I have had people try to scam me, I've been so lost in a foreign place I've almost broken down, I've had my credit card details stolen, I've stayed in some horrid rat and drug infested places... but bad times such as these are only temporary and lead to future learning and funny stories.

Yes, bad things can happen, but you don't need to be afraid or be put off travelling alone as a female because of it. The truth is, the majority of local people are extremely friendly and welcoming and would rather help you than harm you.

As they say, you are more likely to have a crime done against you in your own country. (This is true for me!). You just need to travel smart.

Below are some handy travel and safety tips that I always use myself:

Travel tips to help stay safe

⚫ If you have a long-strapped bag always carry it across your body, zipped and tightly secure. If you have a spare hand, hold on to it too whenever possible.

⚫ When using your phone out walking on the street, hold it close to your body and always with two hands.

⚫ If you don't have data available, download the city you are in prior on Google Maps offline so you will never get lost.

⚫ Don't trust strangers even if they seem nice. Never get in a car or go somewhere with them by yourself.

⚫ Make sure at least one person has your current travel itinerary and always knows where you are staying and where you should be.

⚫ Always keep sight of your belongings at train stations, airports etc.

⚫ Don't go out walking alone late at night.

⚫ Don't get too drunk. Always be in control.

⚫ Don't carry more cash than you would need for the day and always have a spare EFTPOS/credit card located separately from the one you carry.

⚫ Dress conservatively, especially in places where it is customary.

⚫ Where you can, travelling by Uber is a smart way to get around. The app tracks the driver and you, keeping both of your information in the system and the payment is done through the app via credit card so no money is exchanged.

⚫ Grab the business card of your accommodation to take around with you, even most hostels have them. That way you always have the address and phone number of where you are staying in case you get lost and can't communicate with a driver.

⚫ Trust your intuition. If something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't.

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Hopefully these tips can help you to feel more confident and stay safe when travelling solo as a female. Just remember there are so many of us out there doing it so you aren't really alone!

Travelling solo opens up a whole new world of experiences as you learn to navigate situations on your own, make new friendships and basically do whatever you want!
Enjoy it.

Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Comment below, I'd love to read them.

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7 Delicious Must-Try Dishes in Thailand

Thai cuisine is my ultimate favourite and I recently spent seven happy weeks in Thailand eating my way around the country.

Thai food is an explosion of flavours and often showcases a perfect balance of salty, sweet, sour and spicy. The best part is you can easily find cheap, tasty and readily available street food on practically every corner.

Here are seven of my personal favourite Thai dishes that I would highly suggest trying if you are ever in the land of smiles, trust me - you will love them!

Geng Kheaw Wan (Green Curry)

Green Curry is my number one favourite dish! Delightfully rich and aromatic, it can be ordered with either chicken, beef, pork, tofu and vegetables.
The paste is made of ground green chillies and together with coconut milk, Thai eggplant, fresh coriander, lime leaves and basil it's a flavour bomb in your mouth!
It comes very spicy (like most of my favourite dishes) so if you aren't a fan you can request a milder version by asking for 'not spicy'.
In my opinion, there's nothing better than soaking up the rice in the curry and washing it all down with a cold Thai beer. Hashtag perfection.

Pad Thai (Stir-fried rice noodles)

Pad Thai is my favourite quick street food meal and at 40 Baht ($1.20 USD) made fresh from a cart, it's one of the cheapest too.
This famous stir-fried rice noodle dish is eaten with chicken, seafood or just tofu and vegetables. It's usually served with ground chilli, fresh lime, sugar and a sour sauce for you to add the flavours as you please to suit your taste buds.

Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

Som Tam is another dish combining all five tastes: hot, sour, sweet, salty and savoury and packs it all together in a flavour punch.
It's a delicious and fresh zingy papaya salad that is a popular staple of street food and dining alike. Again, it comes very spicy so do ask for mild if you aren't a fan!

Tom Yum Goong (Spicy seafood soup)

Tom Yum is a local favourite hot and sour soup, with 'Goong' meaning shrimp or prawn.
It's the perfect dish for seafood and chilli lovers and again it is so full of flavour, your taste buds will be dancing!

Pad Krapow Moo Sap (Basil Pork)

Pad Krapow Moo Sap is one of my favourite quick go-to meals. Minced pork is flash-fried with holy basil and a generous helping of garlic and fresh chillis. Served with rice, it often comes with a fried egg on top, making it a perfect Thai-style one dish meal.

Gaeng Daeng (Red Curry)

My second favourite of the curries is the Red Curry, of which the paste is commonly made with twenty ground red chillies (so it is again super spicy!). Served usually with chicken, beef or duck, this smooth curry is topped with finely sliced kaffir lime leaves and is deliciously fragrant.

Khao Niaow Moon (Mango Sticky Rice)

Last but not least is the most perfect traditional Thai dessert: Mango Sticky Rice is a staple of my diet when I'm in Thailand (I quite often have it for lunch) and it is an absolute must-try for all sweet lovers.
The cool, glutinous sticky rice is smothered in sweetened coconut cream and served with freshly cut ripe mango. To add a crunch it is sprinkled with what I call 'golden nuggets', which are actually crunchy toasted mung beans.
It can be picked up cheaply from street food stalls and in a fancier restaurant setting (such as in the picture above) it is often served with coconut ice cream, which makes the entire dish basically the definition of heaven on earth.

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Those are my top seven incredibly delicious and ultimate favourite Thai dishes. There are a million reasons to visit Thailand and food is one of the top ones!
It is miles better in its motherland than anywhere else and there is so much to choose from, it will blow you away (you and your taste buds).

Do you have a favourite Thai dish not included here? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read them!

Happy Travels,

The Most Magical Place in Bangkok

Last week I visited a very special cafe in Bangkok that had long been on my bucket list.
It is a place of wonder and imagination. An eruption of pastels and splatters of rainbows.
It is a place like no other...  it is The Unicorn Café.

If you used to like My Little Pony and are still a twelve-year-old trapped inside an adult's body (like me) then you will adore this cafe. Located in Silom, it is a fairly small cafe with a whole lot of fun packed inside.

As soon as you step into this magical wonderland your eyes will instantly be feasted to a colourful explosion from top to bottom. The walls and ceiling are decked out with unicorns and ponies splashed in every direction.

There are plenty of cute pastel coloured tables, chairs and sofas to hang out on and enjoy the large selection of rainbow themed food on the menu.

Line up at the counter to order before heading to a seat with your number. There is a section to the left with pony and unicorn dolls and soft toys to grab and hang out with and you can even rent unicorn onesies for 100 BHT ($3 USD).

The amusing menu offers a selection of savoury as well as sweet options. From rainbow spaghetti carbonara and a rainbow cheeseburger (which admittedly looks rather disgusting yet entirely intriguing) to unicorn waffles, crepes and brownies.

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The front cabinet is also full of their signature Instagram-perfect rainbow layered cake and cupcakes. There are fun frozen ombre galaxy drinks on offer too which come in star shaped glasses.

I ordered a 'Galaxy Star' which was a frozen vanilla frappe and the 'Unicorn Waffle Choco Banana', which came complete on a cute plate with star utensils.

Both were delicious and a very reasonable price at 340 BHT for both ($10 USD) and the portions were enormous! I definitely should have shared as I struggled to eat half of it.

It was a wholly lighthearted experience enjoying the surroundings and sitting amongst like-minded giggling and snap-happy girls (and yes we were all adults).

I felt like it was my birthday having chocolate waffles and ice cream for lunch!

The Unicorn Café has become my new favourite place in Bangkok (hence why I had to write about it!) and if you are passing through it is a must-visit for those wanting to go back to those magical feelings of childlike wonder and euphoria.

I wanted to go back the very next day. I would definitely hire a unicorn onesie next time and get a slice of that rainbow cake!

Warning: Sugar high and a massive afternoon crash is inevitable but entirely worth it.
It's a whole lot of fun and you will leave with a bright smile on your face (accompanied with a possible stomach ache).

Also warning: No, this isn't really a place guys will enjoy unless you are one of the few cool pony-loving ones out there.

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The Unicorn Café is located at: 44/1 ซอย สาทร 8 สีลม Khwaeng Silom, Khet Bang Rak.
The closest BTS (Bangkok Sky Train) is Chong-Nonsi Station, Exit 2.

They are open every day except Mondays from 12 - 8 PM.
For more information check out their Facebook page.

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