Melbourne: Street Art and Graffiti Chronicles

The second most populous urban area in Australia, Melbourne is an incredibly cool cosmopolitan city. It is a melting pot of cultures, has a vibrant cafe and food scene, grand architecture of old and new and has a strong sporting, university and arts culture.

Melbourne is very well-known for its laneways full of impressive street art and graffiti. While some may not appreciate it as art, I think these artists are incredibly talented and many pieces tell a story or message.

I thoroughly enjoyed wandering the streets and stumbling upon alley after alleyway of colourful and interesting works of art.

Below is a collection of my favourites, found mostly around Hosier Lane, Acdc Lane, Market Lane, Stevenson Lane and Duckboard Place.

Do you like street art and do you know of any other cool cities around the world that also shares a passion for it?

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