Five reasons why you should visit Rarotonga, Cook Islands

I got married in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands just over a year ago and I miss it so much! One week there was not enough and I’m yearning to go back and revisit the beautiful island this year.

If you’re thinking about going (and you absolutely should), here are five reasons to help convince you to book those flight right now.

The friendliest locals

The amazing Rupene at the Pacific Resort

I couldn’t get over how welcoming, laid-back, friendly and easy-going the locals are.
Every person you walk past will greet you with a great big smile and a booming “Kia Orana” (hello).
The customer service everywhere you go is excellent and you will notice what a huge difference it makes to be around such happy and positive people.

A slice of paradise

The happiest girl

The stunning white-sand beaches and aqua-blue lagoon will make you feel like you are walking around in a postcard.
Snorkel in the warm crystal-clear water, soak up rays on the beach or flop under a swaying palm tree.
This island slice of paradise is easily accessible and has direct flights of less than four hours from Auckland or Sydney and less than 12 hours from Los Angeles, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The incredible food

Best fish sammies on the island at The Mooring

I loved the food in Rarotonga so much I have already written a whole post about it: Best Places to eat in Muri, Rarotonga.
Food is a big part of Cook Island culture and that is reflected everywhere by being readily available, fresh, tasty and lovingly prepared.
The fish especially is the most delicious I have ever had in my life and one of their local dishes ‘Ika Mata’ knocked my socks off! (Or should I say, jandals).

Soak up the culture

Some of the awesome dancers at Highland Paradise

The local Polynesian culture is enthralling and I couldn’t get enough of it while I was there. There’s something about the beating of drums, the traditional dress, tribal dancing and storytelling that is absolutely mesmerising.
There are two popular cultural night shows that include a delicious buffet dinner feast;
Te Vara Nui Village and Highland Paradise.

Ultimate relaxing getaway

A tropical cocktail at the Barefoot Bar

From the second you get off the plane you are now on island time. The warm breeze will dance on your face, the traffic is minimal, the sparkling sea is calling your name.
The locals have a relaxed approach to life which means coming here for a holiday is exactly what you will get. It is the perfect place for couples, friends and even families with young children.
Rarotonga is incredibly easy and enjoyable, with plenty to do if you want or to just chill and soak up the relaxing island vibes.

Where to stay: Pacific Resort, Rarotonga – an incredible resort where I got married! I have a detailed review of them here if you are interested.

Barefoot Bar, Pacific Resort

When to go: It is beautiful and warm year-round and there is no bad time to go, however, the dry season is said to be the best which is May – October.

Where to eat: Anywhere that serves fresh seafood! If you would like my recommendations for Muri, check out my post here.

What to do: Join a snorkelling lagoon tour such as Koka Lagoon Cruises and Captain Tama’s. Head to a cultural night as mentioned above, they are on alternate days so check their website for the days they are open.
You can go on a quad biking adventure tour through the jungle, hire a scooter or bicycle and explore the island. Go hiking, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, kayaking, the list goes on. Don’t forget to save some time to relax!

A spot of snorkelling and kayaking in Muri Lagoon

I hope you are inspired to visit the beautiful Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, one of my absolute favourite places in the world.

P.S If you are thinking about getting married here, I 100% recommend it!!! We couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day in absolute paradise.
If you would like to see our wedding photos, visit here.

Let me know in the comments if you have been or are wanting to head there yourself!

Happy Travels,

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