Incredible Must-Do Tour from Queenstown, New Zealand

I recently did one of the most incredible tours from Queenstown with Dart River Adventures. Based in Glenorchy, I went on their Funyak tour (inflatable kayaks/canoes) which was so much fun and incredibly scenic, floating down Dart River in literal Lord of the Rings locations.

Read on to find out all about this unmissable experience and why you should totally do it too when you're next in Queenstown - the adventure capital of New Zealand.

This tour was complimentary in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are as always my own.

Funyak Adventure

The day began bright and early with a pick-up time of 7:45 am at the central Queenstown Information Centre. Alternatively, if staying closer to Glenorchy, you can meet them there yourself at 8:30 am.

In a large comfortable bus, the 45-minute ride went very quickly with beautiful scenery all the way there. We checked into the Dart River Adventures building and were given all the information we needed and a run-down of the clothing and gear we were about to suit up in.

For the Funyak tour, they provide fleece tops for warmth, a wetsuit, booties, spray jackets, life jackets and dry bags for your belongings. Being winter, we were also given warm beanies if needed and a snood/mouth scarf.

There were male and female changing rooms for us to get ready in with lockers for anything we wished to leave behind, before one more short bus ride to the first part of our adventure.

We hopped into a speedboat for an exhilarating 40-minute ride up the Dart River, with fun twists and 360 turns similar to the famous Shotover Jet. 

It was a very crisp morning but the weather was absolutely perfect - you couldn't have asked for a better day and the gear provided did a great job at keeping you warm.

We travelled at high-speed up the Dart River deep into the heart of the world-renowned Mount Aspiring National Park. The surroundings were picture-perfect and we had several stops to take photos and soak it all in.

Once we arrived at our stunning Funyak location we were given a cup of hot chocolate which was very welcome. We met our lovely guides for the day Ed and Amber who told us everything we needed to know about how to use our inflatable kayaks.

We split into twos or threes and because I was flying solo I got to ride with the professional Ed - lucky me!

We gently floated down the Dart River the way we came, using our oars to easily control our Funyaks. The colour of the pristine water was such a beautiful blue, and apparently, winter is the best time to see it like that.

After our exciting beginning, this part was incredibly tranquil and relaxing, with the most magnificent New Zealand scenery around us.

Next, we reached our delightful lunch location which had been set up wonderfully by Gareth. We had a full buffet spread with fresh bread, salads, meats, cheeses, fruit, sweet slices, hot soup and a choice of hot and cold drinks.

Everything was super tasty and it was a very enjoyable lunch break in the wilderness.

An absolute highlight of the day, we then explored up a nearby side stream through dramatic chasms and rock pools with eye-poppingly green water.

I had never seen anything like it before - it was such an amazing experience!

Back on the Dart River, we drifted some more on to our end location where we were picked up by a four-wheel drive bus to take us back to Glenorchy.

During the 30-minute ride, we were told about the famous movies filmed in these very locations such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Wolverine and many more.

At the Dart River Adventures building, we changed back into our clothes and had the option of buying some professional photos taken throughout the day.

Then it was a quick ride back to Queenstown on the bus after an excellent day amongst some of the most incredible nature I've ever laid my eyes on.


The tour: Dart River Adventure Funyaks

Price: $369 NZD per adult, $269 per child (seasonal)

Reviews: 4.5/5 stars and a Certificate of Excellence from 2,043 reviews on Trip Advisor

What to bring: 
  • Sunglasses 
  • Sun hat 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Warm outer layer 
  • Warm underwear or swimwear 
  • Change of underwear 
  • Towel 
  • Insect repellant 
  • Camera carried at own risk

Final Thoughts

I had such a fantastic time on this tour, even though I come from New Zealand - the truly stunning locations absolutely blew me away! From the fun speedboat ride to the gentle Funyaks, a delicious lunch and picturesque scenery, this tour is an absolute must-do for all visitors and locals alike.

Our guides were super friendly, professional and safety conscious as needed. The whole day ran super smoothly and every single person on our tour highly enjoyed it. 

A great activity year-round, I would recommend doing it especially in winter as I did, as the water was such an amazing colour and it gets a whole lot busier in the peak summer months.

This Funyak tour would suit any type of traveller from families (not younger than 5 years old, however), to couples, friends and solo travellers like me.

It's a great adventure and one of those memorable days that is an absolute travel highlight.

If you would like to see a bit more I made a short video of my Funyak experience for YouTube:

Is Funyaking along the Dart River now on your Bucket List?

Happy Travels,

Thank you Dart River Adventures and Ngāi Tahu Tourism for having me.

Why Travel is Good for the Mind, Body & Soul (& Win a Holiday!)

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Travelling is a beautiful thing.

It helps you discover things about yourself you never knew, challenges you in ways you never thought possible, and can bring so much happiness you will want to keep travelling for the rest of your life.

In other words, travelling is really good for the mind, body and soul.
But sadly, not enough people are taking the time for it.

Did you know that New Zealand workers are among the most holiday-deprived in the world? Many Kiwis don’t take their allocated annual leave, with the average having 20 days available but only using 15.

Travelling is a great reward for working hard all year, and holidays are vital to maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

If you need a little extra encouragement, here are some great reasons for you to go ahead and treat yourself to that well-deserved holiday.

Good for the Mind

It should come as no surprise that travel is proven to increase levels of happiness, reduce symptoms of depression, and relieve stress.

Even just planning a holiday gives joy! How many of you have used an official holiday countdown? That's because you know you’re going to enjoy the heck out of yourself.

When you're on holiday, you have the freedom to sleep in, stay up late, throw away schedules and do whatever you please.

If you choose to spend your days relaxing, all of that fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for your health – with benefits almost immediately. A study showed that 89% of people see significant drops in stress after only a day or two on vacation.

Or if you’re an adventurous traveller like myself and enjoy using your holiday to lose yourself in new cultures, explore historical sites and try unfamiliar cuisines and activities, this actually helps keep your mind sharp!

When you’re constantly on the go from being immersed in a foreign environment with language barriers and time constraints, studies show the brain starts rewiring itself and develops cognitive flexibility and creativity.

Travel is good for your Body

Aside from time spent sitting on your behind to get to your destination - travelling opens up a whole lot of opportunities to be more active than usual.

When I travel, I love exploring new cities by foot. It’s the best way to get amongst the locals and discover hidden gems.

I often walk up to 30,000 steps a day – over 22 kilometres (sometimes 6x more often than what I usually do!).

Whether it be by exploring a new place by foot or bicycle, taking part in your resort's morning yoga class, swimming at the pool or beach, going on a local hike, a surfing lesson or trying a new extreme sport - there's plenty of chances to get moving and actually enjoy yourself too.

Travel is good for the Soul

Finally, in my experience, travelling can do wonders for your self-confidence.

Before I travelled overseas, I was shy and reserved. I didn't talk to strangers, I wouldn't have been caught dead in a bikini in public and I didn't know how to face simple challenges alone.

Now that I have seen the world, I have opened up myself in turn. I discovered that I love meeting new people from all corners and immersing myself in new cultures. A simple challenge that once would have floored me, now sees me facing them head on without a concern.

Travel helps to nourish your soul as you learn invaluable life lessons and more about yourself.

It makes you adaptable, patient, grateful, kinder and more confident as you gain experience, accomplish challenges and learn that you are extremely capable of anything and everything.

Whether it be local or global, all forms of travel enrich our lives.

Through travelling, we can reduce stress, keep our body well inside and out, and boost brain and mental health - all contributing to a happier and healthier life.

So what are you waiting for? Use that overdue leave, take control of your well-being, and plan that next getaway now!

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