Ultimate New Zealand Packing List

New Zealand is an absolutely incredible country to travel with so much to offer.
From pristine beaches, snowy mountains and magical fjords, to desert landscapes, glaciers, lush rainforests, geysers and everything in between - it's a travellers paradise on so many people's bucket lists for a reason.

With four seasons and different climates depending if you're up north or right down south, it's important to be prepared for all kinds of weather if you're travelling around New Zealand, no matter what time of the year. 

This is my ultimate packing list for New Zealand travel, for someone who might have a one-year working holiday visa or travelling all over the country for a few months.

It covers the essentials for what to bring and can be adjusted accordingly if you're only coming for summer/winter.


First things first, 


Choosing whether to bring a suitcase or a large backpack is totally a matter of preference. Most younger travellers tend to opt for a backpack but you can easily travel the country with either.

Nowadays, I prefer to use a suitcase as my shoulders can no longer handle the weight of a backpack! I travel with my trusty lightweight Luna-Air.

Whatever you choose, a day backpack is essential. Use it as your carry-on and store your laptop, camera and other valuables in it. Then it can double as the perfect daypack for hiking/sightseeing.

The Muzmm Little Garden Backpack is my perfect carry-on/daypack bag (featured in the header image). Use my code 'krysti' for 20% off your own!


Beginning with mentioning the main essentials that of course, you'll need to pack, like your Passport, Visa (if needed), Mobile Phone, Money (with some local currency), Travel Insurance, Sunglasses, any Medication etc.

Tip: Keep printed or online copies of your important travel documents and bookings.


Layering is key - pack layers with both city and outdoor adventures in mind and for weather that can often change quite quickly.

2-3 long pants - jeans, trousers etc.

1 pair shorts

1 dress/skirt - for females or extra shorts for males or preference

3-4 long sleeve tops/sweaters

3-4 T-shirts/singlets

Rain & wind-proof jacket


Underwear and socks for 7 days


Swimwear - even if it's too cold for the beach, New Zealand is full of natural hot springs and pools.

If travelling in winter

A warm jacket - is a must

Beany/woollen hat



Extra merino/thermal layers

Tip: Roll your clothes instead of folding them. It will save space and avoid wrinkles.


1 pair sneakers/trainers - Comfortable shoes for everyday wear/running in.

1 pair jandals/flipflops - Embrace the national footwear! Perfect for summer or those hostel showers...

1 pair hiking boots/sandals (optional) - If you're into doing some of the most spectacular walks in the world - hiking boots or sandals are a good idea.

1 pair smarter shoes/boots (optional)

1 pair sandals/flats (optional) - If you're around during the summer, having footwear other than jandals is a good idea for smarter occasions.

Tip: Wear your bulkiest items on the flight to save room in your luggage.


It's entirely up to you what you bring but these are my electronic travel essentials:



Mini tripod



SD cards

Portable charger

Spare camera battery

Travel adaptor (you can easily buy one in New Zealand)


Tip: To see more products I specifically use and recommend check out my shop.


Pack travel-sized toiletries and bring the absolute minimum as you can easily buy everything you need in New Zealand, unless you use a specific brand that is hard to come by.

Everyone's toiletries are different but this is what you can find in my toiletry bag:

Very basic makeup - as pictured

Mini shampoo & conditioner

Mini facewash & moisturiser

Toothbrush, small paste & floss

Roll-on deodorant

Small soap & travel wipes

Mini cleansing water & cotton rounds

Razor & small comb

Panadol, plasters, antibacterial cream

Hand sanitizer

Sunblock - important year-round

Insect repellent - essential in summer

Tip: Place into a large ziplock bag first to avoid leakage.


The extras that I usually always travel with that will be handy for New Zealand travel include:

Canvas bag - for shopping/groceries/beach

Ziplock bags - for storing toiletries, dirty laundry etc.

Small padlock

Earplugs and eyemask - handy for hostels/camping/flights

Seasickness bands

Notebook and pen

Small umbrella

Small tin with USB stick, mini sewing kit, safety pins, bottle opener

Washing powder 

Reusable water bottle

Quick-dry towel

Books, music - usually pre-loaded on my phone

Aaand don't forget to pack your sense of adventure!

For more information on New Zealand, check out my New Zealand Travel Guide for an overview, tips on where to go and what to do.

If you're looking for an easy, flexible and fun way to travel New Zealand, check out Stray Travel - an award-winning guided Hop-On Hop-Off bus company for adventurous travellers.

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That's my ultimate New Zealand packing list for year-round travel. Let me know in the comments if you're planning on coming to NZ or if you have any other essentials you would add to this list.

New Zealand is an awesome country to travel - you're gonna love it!

Happy Travels,

Luna-Air: A Suitcase for Kiwi Explorers

I've been on a mission or a while now, to find the perfect suitcase to meet my frequent travel needs. One that I could 100% rely on, that would last me a number of years and that I ultimately enjoy travelling with.

When I discovered Explorer Luna-Air - an affordable designer New Zealand luggage range, designed by Kiwis for the way we travel - I was more than excited to try out their popular range.

I chose the Explorer Luna-Air 56cm & 75cm Hardside Luggage Set in the colour teal. I'm normally a person that would always go for black but that beautiful colour was too enticing.

I love that luggage.co.nz offer free shipping and 100-day returns so you can be sure your suitcase is a perfect fit.

First Impressions

I was more than impressed that my order arrived the very next day. Inside the cardboard box, they were neatly packaged together; the little one inside the larger one which was safely wrapped in a white dust bag.

I instantly knew I was going to love my new cases. They are extremely well-made with good quality materials, durable and very lightweight. Their beautiful pop of colour and attractive, sleek design is the icing on the cake.

Both suitcases have the same great features, with four 360 direction wheels, a built-in TSA friendly code lock, interior zip and mesh pockets, and a telescopic handle system.
I couldn’t wait to take them on their first adventure.

My Experience

I’ve had my Explorer Luna-Airs for almost four months now, and I’ve used them with great pleasure for all kinds of travel.

From a big three-week road trip all around the South Island (including across the Foveaux Strait to Stewart Island), to a tropical island getaway in Bali, weekend adventures in Wellington and soon it will be a big two-month trip to Europe.

They are without a doubt the best suitcases I have ever owned – no more dragging your suitcase around; they glide along next to you like a dream and are the perfect travel companion.

Packing is a breeze with the elasticated cross ribbons and divider panels inside, ensuring everything stays in place exactly as you packed it.

You can fit so much more into them than you would expect and as a bonus, they're so easy to spot coming towards you on the conveyor belt!

The Details

The Explorer Luna-Air Hardside Spinner range comes in three different sizes to choose from: a Carry-On 56cm, a medium Checked-In 65cm and a large Checked-In 75cm.

They are available in six attractive colours: Black, White, Grey, Pink, Teal and Seafoam.
The range is exclusive to luggage.co.nz and come with a 5 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

I opted for the Carry-On and large Checked-In Explorer Luna-Air Hardside Spinner in teal.

The dimensions for my cases are as follows:

Checked-In 75cm Spinner Suitcase Dimensions:

-Internal: H:67cm W:46cm D:26cm
-External: H:75cm W:49cm D:30cm
-Weight: 4.4kg
-Capacity: Packing - 108L
-Linear: 153cm

Carry-On 56cm Spinner Suitcase Dimensions:
-Internal: H:47cm W:33cm D:20cm
-External: H:56cm W:34cm D:23cm
-Weight: 2.7kg
-Capacity: Packing - 44L
-Linear: 113cm

Final Thoughts

When you travel as much as I do, your suitcase really does become your travel companion and it's so important to have one that you love and enjoy using. I am so thrilled to have found that with the Explorer Luna-Air range. 

Every trip brings a fresh wave of excitement when I start packing in one of my beautiful teal cases. 
I absolutely love how lightweight, functional, and strikingly good-looking they are. The collection is of the highest quality, making it fantastic value for money.

I highly recommend Explorer Luna-Air to anyone and everyone. No matter your daggy airport outfit, you will always look stylish standing next to your Luna-Air. 

Explorer Luggage has got your back with free shipping New Zealand wide, easy 100 day returns and a five-year manufacturers warranty.
What are you waiting for? Luna-Air is ready for your next adventure as much as you are.

Happy Travels,

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