On the Bucket List: 50 Travel Goals 2018

I always like to set certain goals at the beginning of each year, as it's always nice (or slightly shameful) to look back on and see how much has been achieved at the end of it.
This will be my second year as a fulltime blogger and I'm so excited to see what 2018 has in store for me.

I have no idea where exactly this year will take me (that's the exciting part!) but I thought I would write up 50 travel goals, tailored mostly towards my biggest goal of the year (to explore more of my own country New Zealand) and my two next new countries which are booked for March/April (America and Canada).

As I go through the year I will return and cross off each goal and what date I achieved it.

Here's to an amazing year of travel!

     [New Zealand]
  1. See the largest mountain - Mount Cook ✓ 18/06/08
  2. Go to Bluff; the very bottom-most point of the South Island ✓ 15/06/18
  3. Hike the Tongariro Alpine Crossing
  4. Go whale watching in Kaikoura ✓ 31/05/18
  5. See a glacier up close (Franz Josef/Fox) ✓ 8/06/18
  6. Visit the Lighthouse at Castlepoint
  7. Visit Hobbiton again! ✓ 11/02/18
  8. Go kayaking or hiking at Abel Tasman National Park ✓ 3/06/18

  9. Explore the Taranaki region
  10. Go camping in Manawatu
  11. See the glow worms at Waitomo Cave
  12. Do more adrenalin activities in Queenstown ✓ 11/06/18
  13. Visit Hamner Springs
  14. Swim with the dolphins in Akaroa
  15. Do lots of skiing/boarding at Whakapapa ✓ 23/07/18

    [North America]

  16. Go to Disneyland! ✓ 11/03/18
  17. See the Hollywood sign (It was covered in fog!!)
  18. Stroll the Walk of Fame ✓ 10/03/18
  19. Go to Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier ✓ 10/03/18
  20. Gamble and party in Las Vegas! ✓ 14/03/18
  21. See a show in Vegas ✓ 14/03/18
  22. See the Grand Canyon ✓ 15/03/18

  23. Helicopter over the Grand Canyon (Wish I could afford it! Next time)
  24. Eat pizza in Chicago ✓ 16/03/18
  25. See the green river in Chicago on St Patrick's Day ✓ 17/03/18
  26. Get a great shot of the Cloud Gate ✓ 18/03/18
  27. Eat Poutine and Maple Syrup in Canada ✓ 19/03/18
  28. Visit friends in Ottawa ✓ 18/03/18
  29. Visit Parliament Hill and the Museum of History ✓ 19/03/18
  30. Stay at the Citadel in Quebec City ✓ 23/03/18
  31. See a moose/beaver/bear (Probably a good thing I didn't actually!)
  32. NEW YORK CITY BABY! ✓ 25/03/18
  33. Walk through Central Park ✓ 25/03/18
  34. People-watch in Times Square ✓ 25/03/18
  35. Go to the Top of the Rock/Empire State Building/One World Center ✓ 26/03/18
  36. Eat pizza and hot dogs ✓ 25/03/18
  37. Go ice skating at the Rockefeller Center/Central Park (Decided not to)
  38. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge ✓ 28/03/18

  39. See the Statue of Liberty ✓ 25/03/18
  40. Do a Gossip Girl tour ✓ 30/03/18
  41. Go to Harry Potter World in Orlando ✓ 03/04/18
  42. Drink cocktails and eat Key Lime Pie in Florida ✓ 01/04/18


  43. Explore more of your own country New Zealand
  44. Visit your 30th country in 2018
  45. Go to a new continent ✓ 8/03/18
  46. Travel to either (or all) Japan/India/Sri Lanka/The Philippines/Fiji
  47. Volunteer overseas or set it up for 2019 (Nepal or in Africa)
  48. Write great content and grow your blog
  49. Meet new and collaborate with other travel bloggers
  50. Have an amazing year doing what you love

So far achieved at April: 33/50

Countries visited 2018: 5 - United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia

(If I end up going to Europe later in the year which is looking very likely I will update it to 100 travel goals!) 

Let me know in the comments if you have visited any of these places and what your travel goals for this year are too!

I wish you all the best for the new year ahead.

Happy Travels,

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Top 10 Bucket List Countries

We all have those countries that we dream longingly about and desire to travel to someday.
For me, it is a personal challenge to get to each and every one on my Bucket List.
I lust over these countries nonstop, so much so, that I just had to write them down and put them in order!

Here are the top ten countries I wish to travel to next, with a little bit of where and why:

1. United States

It may seem strange to some that the United States is at the top of my list. But being from the opposite side of the world from a very small country and growing up watching American movies and television shows, I have lusted over certain places since I was small.
For example, I have wished to travel to New York for the longest time. Ever since watching Home Alone, Friends and Gossip Girl, I am in awe of this city and I think it will blow my mind seeing it in real life!

Other places high on my list to visit include Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles, San Fransisco and Chicago.

2. Canada

Of course, Canada is also very high on my list. It's a country I've heard so much about and I have met so many wonderful Canadians over the years and I can't wait to see their homeland. It's also the land of moose, beavers and maple syrup so what's not to love?

Cities I'd love to visit include Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and anywhere good for skiing!

3. Antarctica

Visiting Antarctica would truly be a trip of a lifetime. You would not only be ticking off a country but an entire continent. I would love to do a month-long trip (hopefully soon) and I may or may not have already researched the exact one I would love to do from Argentina...

4. Maldives

The Maldives to me is the ultimate depiction of paradise. With the water crystal clear aqua-blue and the sand whitest of whites, it is a dream holiday destination for many. One day!

5. Morocco

Morocco is one of those alluring countries, brimming with diversity, culture and history, incredible architecture and designs, marketplaces and the Sahara.
Marrakesh, Casablanca and Fes are just some of the many places I would love to visit there.

6. Iceland

I know a few people that have been to Iceland and they just loved it! The dramatic landscapes are very attractive to me, a country full of volcanoes, geysers, waterfalls, natural hot springs and lava fields. Not to mention the Viking history.
Seeing the Northern Lights there would be a huuuge bucket list tick.

7. Philippines

The Philippines is another destination that would be a treat for the eyes. The stunning water, limestone formations and postcard-perfect beaches look incredible!
I've heard the people are some of the friendliest out there as well.
In particular, I would love to visit Boracay and Palawan.

8. Japan

I have been wanting to visit Japan for the longest time! To experience the beautiful Japanese culture, the weird and wonderful, Robot shows, cute things galore and especially the food.
Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Mount Fuji and Hiroshima are places I would love to explore.

9. Croatia

Croatia is a fascinating country, with medieval history and ancient walled towns.
With a long sapphire coastline, it also has one thousand islands!
Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split and of course the Game of Thrones filming locations are some of the many places I'd love to visit.

10. Peru

Peru and in particular, seeing the Incan citadel Macchu Picchu in real life is a big bucket list item for me. I would also love to learn about this South American country, visit Lima and Cusco, and of course the amazing Rainbow Mountain.

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Those are the very top ten on my list but of course, I couldn't just stop there!
For those interested in my top twenty, I've listed the rest below:

11. South Africa
12. Portugal
13. Belgium
14. Russia
15. Bolivia
16. Netherlands
17. Sri Lanka
18. Nepal
19. Egypt
20. Mexico

Which countries are high on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to read them!

Happy Travels,

This post contains images that are not my own.

30 Countries before I’m 30

I only recently heard this was a thing- and I am more than excited to put my hand up for this challenge!
It might not seem like such a big goal to some- but I only started travelling when I was well into my twenties and lets just say, time's-a-ticking!
I currently have been to 22 countries already, and by the end of the year it will be 24.
From 2017 I will have less than two years to complete this new challenge that I am now partaking in-- 30 countries before I'm 30!

It will be quite a task (albeit a fun one), because finances are rather limited at the moment and there's not a whole lot of time to save for six new countries in such a short amount of time.
Do you think I can do it?
This time a year ago I wouldn't have thought so, but starting my travel blog this year has been so amazing and I am really hoping it will lead to some (travel-related) opportunities!
A girl can dream right?

Below are the places I can already cross off my list. They're in order with the year above from the first time I visited (I have been back to several of these countries since).

1. New Zealand (Born in!) I have pretty much travelled the whole country except for the very bottom including Invercargill and Stewart island.

2. Australia- NZ's neighbour, this was my first overseas experience. (Currently living in).

3. Singapore- A brief stopover on the way to Thailand.
4. Thailand- 3 wonderful weeks were spent travelling around the country.

5. England- I fell in love with London in an instant.
6. France- And then I fell in love with Paris!
7. Germany- Berlin was on a whole new level of cool. I've since lived in Germany.
8. Scotland- Cold and rainy but Edinburgh was a magical city to visit.

9. UAE- A short stopover on my way back to Europe!
10. Switzerland- A beautiful country next door to where I lived for 6 months.
11. Italy- I got engaged in Rome! I loved every single place I went to.
12. Vatican City- Really enjoyed my day here. The Sistine Chapel was magnificent!
13. Austria- My time in Vienna was awesome! The start of my solo travels.
14. Hungary- My first taste of Eastern Europe, Budapest was unexpected.
15. Slovakia- I drove from the bottom of the country right to the top!
16. Poland- Krakow is one of my new favourite cities in the whole world.
17. Czech Republic- Prague was so beautiful and I loved learning the history.
18. Ireland- Dublin! I had the best time here with my friends drinking Guinness!
19. Spain- I visited a few lovely Spanish towns but Barcelona was my favourite.
20. Greece- I had an epic couple of weeks here including cruising the Greek Islands.
21. Turkey- My time here wasn't the best but I enjoyed the food and drink.
22. Indonesia- I loved visiting Bali and even went back again this year!

Coming soon/booked for later this year:

23. Cook Islands- I'm getting married here in tropical paradise!
24. Vietnam- This is our honeymoon destination, it will be a great adventure.

My goal of six new countries I wish to tick off and travel to before I'm 30!

25. Samoa- An island close to New Zealand, Samoa would be a great tropical getaway.
26. USA- New York, Las Vegas, Harry Potter World... the list of places is long!
27. Canada- Snow mountains, moose and maple syrup!
28. Mexico- Tacos, tequila and white sandy beaches? Yes please.
29. Peru- One of my biggest dreams is to trek the Andes and see Machu Picchu.
30. Japan- I have always wanted to go here- it would be such a different experience!

I am so grateful for every single one of my travel experiences and I am so excited for the future to see as much of the world as I possibly can.
There are 195 countries in the world and I know I am only just beginning to scratch the surface! But rather than this daunting me I find it incredibly exhilarating.

Do you have a list like this? What places are you wanting to cross off? Let me know in the comments and thanks so much for reading!

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My Ultimate Bucket List

I have always had an informal 'Bucket List' of ideas floating around in my head- but I hadn't got around to writing it down before now.
Putting everything to words on my blog I thought would be the perfect way to keep me accountable, and to see as well those big things that I have already achieved so far.
I enjoyed writing this list, and the majority as no surprise turned out to mostly be travel related- as that is absolutely my biggest passion in life.
This shows just how much more of the world I have yet to see and look forward to (which is so exciting!). I counted just for fun when I had finished and I have 101 things on my list!
Here goes, in no particular order:

Visit and explore New York
Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
Visit the Taj Mahal
See the pyramids in Egypt
Ride a gondola in Venice 
See The Pretty Reckless live in concert
Meet Taylor Momsen
Live in a foreign country 
Do volunteer work
Teach in a foreign country
Go inside the Colosseum in Rome 
Go on a safari in Africa
Go bungee jumping in Queenstown
See the wildlife on Galapagos Islands
Buy a one-way ticket somewhere and don't plan
Visit every continent
See Stonehenge

Go skydiving
Swim with dolphins
See pandas in China
Ride a TukTuk in Bangkok
Snowboard overseas
Gamble in Las Vegas
Visit the Acropolis in Athens
Go white water rafting
Learn how to surf
See Rammstein live in concert
Meet Rammstein
Visit Halong Bay in Vietnam
Do the Inca Trail
Hold a snake 
Go to Disney Land
Ride a jet ski
Go to a floating lantern festival
Do the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London 
Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
See Harry Potter: The Cursed Child play in London
See Tool live in concert 
Helicopter over the Grand Canyon
See Manchester United play at Old Trafford
Have a tattoo done abroad 
See the ruins of Pompeii 
Climb up to Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro
See a bear, moose and beaver in Canada
Go zip-lining
Go to Oktoberfest in Munich 

See the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
Enjoy the delights of Amsterdam
Go parasailing 
Tour the Vatican 
Ride a camel
Visit Croatia
Have a campfire on the beach
See Buckingham Palace & Big Ben 
Get lei'd in Hawaii
Drink tequila and eat tacos in Mexico
Ride in a limousine 
Spend a night in a castle
Fly First Class
Try snails in France 
Walk the Great Wall of China
Stomp grapes at a vineyard
Climb Mt Vesuvius in Naples 
See Mount Fuji in Japan
Visit Morocco
Visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany 
See the Northern Lights
Go to a real diner in Southern USA
Speak to foreign locals in their own language 
Sleep in an igloo
See a whale in the wild 
Do the Guinness factory tour in Dublin 

Go to a live All Blacks (rugby) match
'Lean' against the Leaning Tower of Pisa 
Swim in a waterfall
Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium
Meet the cast of Lord of the Rings 
Visit Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow
Visit Niagra Falls
Watch the sunset in Santorini 
Ride a scooter around Rarotonga
See a tornado (from a distance!)
Drink sangria and eat paella in Spain 
Visit The Holy Land in Jerusalem
Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Visit Auschwitz 
Visit the Amazon jungle
Go scuba diving
Tour the Louvre 
Horseback ride on the beach
Go to Stewart Island, NZ
Visit Hobbiton in Matamata 
See a polar bear in the wild
Travel solo 
Snorkle the Great Barrier Reef
Visit an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai 

Try haggis in Scotland 
Hold a tarantula
See the Blue Mountains in Australia 
Holiday in the Maldives
Run a half marathon
Visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona 
Have a snowy Christmas
Be an extra in a movie
Visit Prague Castle 
Eat pizza in Chicago
Visit 'The Beach' in Thailand from the movie
See the remains of the Berlin Wall 
Go on a cruise 
Ride a donkey 
Get married
Have a successful travel blog!
Finish my science degree! (one day...)
Write a book
Visit 30 countries before I'm 30

This list is ongoing and I will keep adding to it and ticking things off when completed!

Thanks for reading, leave me a comment on your thoughts and if you have a big bucket list you're working through yourself- if so- what's on yours? :)

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