12 Female Wanderlust Inspiring Instagram accounts to follow

Instagram is by far my favourite social media platform. It is creative, artistic and your very own portfolio to showcase whatever you please in your own way.

I am super picky about the big travel accounts out there I choose to follow, of which there are so many. I like to feel inspired and motivated when I scroll through Instagram (which, let's be honest, is pretty often).

Here are twelve of my favourite female Instagram accounts, including single particular people and big communities of female travellers. They all ooze inspiration, positivity and spark that burning wanderlust desire.

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I have the biggest girl crush on this Canadian! She is so down to earth and relatable and her Instagram is absolute goals. Her stories are addictive to watch and she is one hell of a babe. I have been following her since she was at 20k and watched her grow rapidly in just 6 months!

This is a big wanderlust-inspo community for female travellers worldwide. If you have an awesome enough photo and use the hashtag #sheisnotlost you might just be lucky enough to be reposted!

Aggie is another of my favourite ladies (who I discovered through Lisa Homsy).
From Poland, she is beautiful, sweet and inspiring and is currently celebrating her 30th birthday with all her travel buddies in Greece right now! Her stories and feed are to die for.

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A fun community that showcases all the incredible places this world has to offer to get inspired for your next trip!

This Australian is incredible and one of the original travel Instagrammers. At one million followers, her photography is magical and oozes wanderlust to all.

A warm travel blog community 'inspiring and empowering women to travel more, do more and be more'.

This young Australian is the girl next door with incredible photography skills. She's currently living in New Zealand and I'm just loving her feed!

A community group for all of the travelling career girls out there. Their feed is full of inspiring and motivational captions as well as amazing photos.

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This lovely lady from Bulgaria is a literal ray of sunshine with the kindest spirit.
Partner of the legendary travel vlogger Fun For Louis, she has her own amazing YouTube channel as well now. She is a joy to follow on all platforms.

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I've been following Canadian Nadine's awesome travel blog and Youtube channel for years and love her style and personality. Her Instagram is jam-packed with the best destinations!

Another large and wonderful community that I love to follow, with a message to 'inspire, connect and educate female travellers'.

Last but not least is the sweet Australian Brooke, another of the very first travel bloggers that inspired so many to start their own blog. She is someone I highly look up to and her feed is, of course, absolute goals.

There you have my twelve favourite and most inspiring female travel Instagram accounts. Follow along if you like for multiple daily doses of wanderlust and creativity.

Oh and me!
If you feel so inclined, follow along on my Instagram journey too.

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I love photography and sharing my travels. I can only hope one day that my feed will be half as good as any of theirs! They are all definitely something to aspire to.

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Do you know any other inspiring accounts to follow? Comment below, I'd love to read them.

Happy Travels,

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